Top Tips for Styling Curly Hair


If you love curly hair, then you need to learn the tricks on how to make it last longer. First, you should locate the best salon where you will meet the right hairdresser. This is necessary because hair which has been done well will last longer. The type of hair products you use also matters. Going for high quality products will make your hair last longer after you have done it.

Top tips for styling curly hair

1. Cool the curls down

After you have made a curl, secure it in a pin and let it cool before you go. There are several ways you can cool the curl down. The professional hair dresser will guide you. But, basically you can use a blow drier to cool them. You will be required to blow cold air from a distance so that the curls will cool down. This is necessary because after treatment, the hair will need to cool down so that the cuticle will take the shape of the curl.

2. Use the right hair products

Different types of hair will require different types of products. The first secret to good looking hair is to discover what works well for your hair. The professionals hair dressers will assess your hair and let you know the right product. Use the right products to dry the hair and spray the curls for them to stay healthy. Just spray mist into your hair from a distance.

3. Invest in good hot hair tools

Quality hair tools will cause less damage to your hair. If you will really like to look good, then you need to invest in quality hair products. Examples of these are mediceuticals hair products and living proof hair products. You can ask around for you to know the quality of product which will work well for your hair. After trying a certain tool and it ends up damaging your curls, then you need to change if you will like to have a positive change.

4. Use the right barrel size

The size of the barrel also matters. Most people assume larger barrels will work wonders for their hairs. But, you should check out smaller barrels and note the difference. In most cases you will discover barrel ranging from 1″ to 1.5″ will make your curls last longer.

5. Your hair still doesn’t curl?

If your hair is not curling, then there is a problem. Your hair may have been damaged to an extent where it will not curl well. You will have to trim the hair a bit and have some time to take good care before you embark on curling it once more.

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