5 Tips to Protect Hair From the Sun


By now, you likely know how important it is to use sunscreen on exposed skin, but hair needs care as well. Even if hair doesn’t get sunburn, UV rays can degrade the cuticle, leaving strands frizzy, dry and damaged. In the sections below, there are a few stylist-approved tips to keep hair healthy, hydrated, and protected.

Leave in Conditioner

Whether at the pool or the beach, consider combing a restorative conditioner into wet hair before going into the sun. If going to an outdoor event, protect exposed strands with a leave-in conditioner before styling. With a good conditioner, it’s possible to create a barrier against UV rays and hydrate the hair at the same time.

Prevent or Reverse Damage With a Hair Masque

The sun is harsher during summer, and hair can get damaged every time it’s exposed. A hair masque can be used once per week to maintain the hair’s moisture levels. On occasions where events are held outdoors, use a restorative conditioner as soon as possible after sun exposure. The heat of the sun leaves the hair cuticle more porous, and it will absorb the treatment faster.

Don’t Shampoo as Often

The hair’s natural oils provide protection from the sun, and it’s important to avoid over-washing during summer months. Instead of a daily wash, use a dry shampoo or a cleansing conditioner a couple of times per week to clean the hair without stripping it of its moisture.

Put on the Spritz

Some styling aids offer an effortless, beach-ready look while protecting the hair from the sun’s harmful rays. They create texture while moisturising the cuticle, making hair less susceptible to the sun’s damage. A stylist who does haircuts for women in Hamilton can recommend a protective hair spritz.

Do Your Part

If not wearing a head cover, apply a spray-on sunscreen to the natural part in the hair to protect it. Alternatively, throw it up into a messy bun, and it’s ready to go. Stylists who do haircuts and even hair extensions in Hamilton can offer suggestions on how to protect the hair and scalp.

While most people don’t think the sun has any effect on hair, it can cause serious damage. However, it’s possible to protect the hair with the steps above. For haircuts for women in Hamilton, visit Style Hairdressing (stylehairdressing.co.nz).


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